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If you run a service-oriented business, you live and die by your reputation. That’s because you depend on a local customer base that heavily factors word of mouth into its purchasing decisions. And with the advent of the Internet, your business now faces an additional challenge: how to establish and maintain a web presence that truly reflects your hard-earned expertise and unique service offerings.

When you think of a top-notch website, you may imagine a graphics-forward presentation that’s light on information and heavy on the visual bells and whistles. However, studies consistently show that consumers shopping on the Internet no longer respond favorably to this design approach. Instead, they prefer websites that stay away from flashy spectacles and present the information they need in a straightforward format. That’s especially true for service-oriented businesses, which frequently must give their potential customers a good reason to spend large sums of money, and rarely benefit from impulse purchases.

Precision Web Consulting is dedicated to making your service-oriented website a consumer-focused experience that extends your well-deserved reputation into the online world. We do this by offering a range of consulting options that target each area of successful site building, from basic layout and usability to the creation of written content that’s optimized for your industry and customer base. And every step of the way, we provide you with a complete road map of the process so you’ll always know what we’re doing, and why. Let us show you the value of the Precision approach.

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