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Blogs help you maintain an interactive relationship with your customer base. They also give you the perfect opportunity to fully demonstrate your expertise, set yourself up as a reliable information source and provide free, useful tips and advice to your site visitors. Crucially, the creation of a relevant, frequently updated blog page can also significantly increase the odds that your website will rank near the top of search engine results for topics related to your industry. Here are some excerpts from the blog articles we’ve produced for our service-oriented clientele.

Important Facts About Slab Leaks (Written for a Plumbing Company)

Slab Leaks Have Multiple Potential Symptoms

“A slab leak can manifest in a number of different ways. Unless you know the most common symptoms, you may overlook the presence of a leak and unnecessarily delay your repair efforts. One of the most likely symptoms is the sound of water running somewhere inside your home when you have no faucets or fixtures turned on. If you have a leak in a hot water line, you may notice an unusually warm spot somewhere on the first floor of your home. The buildup of moisture or mildew under a downstairs rug or carpet can also indicate the presence of a leak. In some cases, you may notice cracking in a downstairs concrete floor, or in a wall. Finally, you may have a slab leak if you experience otherwise unexplained increases in your monthly water bill.”

There Are Several Repair Options Available

“After detecting the location of a slab leak, your plumbing professional may offer any one of several options for leak repair. The most likely options can vary according to a number of factors. If your home is relatively new, your plumber may recommend a spot repair. In this type of repair, a hole is opened in the slab at the point of the leak and your plumber performs a spot fix of the damaged section of pipe.

If you have an older plumbing system that has leaked repeatedly over time, your plumbing professional may recommend a rerouting or repiping procedure. This type of repair requires the replacement of the whole affected water line. In some cases, your plumber will bypass the existing pipe and reroute the replacement pipe through or beneath another part of your slab.  In other cases, the old pipe is removed and the new pipe goes in the existing opening. While this solution costs more upfront than a spot repair, it can save you money in the long run by helping you avoid the need for recurring repairs on a problem line.”

Dance Lesson Tips for Your Next Party (Written for a Dance Studio)

Make Sure Your Instructor Is Properly Qualified

“You might think that anybody who makes money teaching other people how to dance must know what he or she is doing. However, that’s often far from the case. In fact, many dance instruction studios don’t require that their teachers have an extensive background in any style of dance. Just as importantly, they don’t verify that their teachers actually know how to show others how to dance in an effective manner.

Before you spend your time and money on lessons for your upcoming event, do yourself a favor and make sure that you choose an instruction studio that only hires qualified personnel. The person teaching your class should have a thorough background in the style of dance you wish to learn. Crucially, he or she must know how to make the process of learning how to dance easy to understand. It also helps tremendously if your instructor knows how to make your lessons fun and exciting, instead of just taking you through a dry series of movements that may fail to hold your interest.”

Focus on Your Own Goals

“You probably have a good idea of why you’re taking dance lessons. For some people, the motivation may be the need to learn a specific step for participation in a party with an organized theme. Other students may have chosen to focus on their own preferred dance style. In addition, some members of your class may have a primary focus on other goals such as physical fitness or a desire to make better social connections at a party or event.

When you encounter fellow students with differing motivations for enrolling in class, you might be consciously or unconsciously tempted to shift your attention away from your own personal goals. In some cases, this might not be a big deal, and you may actually benefit from a shift in your ambitions. However, you could also end up confused about your reasons for learning how to dance, or start down a path that doesn’t make your original goals easier to achieve. Before you start your lessons, do what you can to clarify your goals in your own mind. That way, you’ll know what you want to achieve and have a better ability to tell whether a shift in your motivations will hurt or help.”

Furniture Makers of the 1700s (Written for a Furniture Repair and Restoration Company)

Famous Makers

“Three furniture makers largely dominate the world of 1700s furniture: Thomas Chippendale, Thomas Sheraton and George Hepplewhite. Among the three, Chippendale is the most famous, and pieces made in the style that bears his name still typically command premium prices on the antique market. Thomas Sheraton mostly designed cabinets and chairs, although he also influenced the work of many of his contemporaries, as well as modern furniture makers. No original examples of Hepplewhite’s work still exist. However, pieces made in the style he created often appear in today’s antique markets.”

The Importance of Restoring and Maintaining Your 1700s Furniture

“Condition is a main factor in the value of antique furniture. While a restored or well-maintained piece can command top dollar in the marketplace, pieces with serious condition issues may lose much of their worth over time. You can preserve your investment, enhance your home’s aesthetic environment and safeguard your family’s heirloom pieces by seeking established experts for any needed restoration work. An expert restorer of 1700s furniture can accurately assess the condition of your treasured pieces, make recommendations for effective maintenance, and perform lasting repair work the brings back your furniture’s visual appeal and structural integrity.”