Customized Web Page Content

Content is the heart of your website. Without words that clearly describe your services and articulate your expertise, potential customers surfing the web simply have no real way of telling the difference between your company and your many local competitors. This inevitably means that you have no reliable method of translating your experience and established track record into the vital language of Internet-based advertising. It also means that you may needlessly lose market share to competitors who provide inferior services but have managed to master this language. The experts at Precision Web Consulting can help you avoid looking like just another service-oriented business by creating customized web page content that truly reflects your standing as a premium provider in your area.

The New Era of Web Content

In the early days of the Internet, high-quality web page content didn’t matter so much. All you needed to do to attract the attention of online shoppers was fill your website with boilerplate text stuffed with keywords that got noticed by search engine web crawlers. As long as you used the right keywords, you had a pretty good chance of ranking highly on Google and other search engines, and thereby gaining access to a much larger percentage of your local market than competitors who didn’t use these keywords. The actual content of your website wasn’t so important, and unfortunately, many older sites on the web still reflect this fact.

Today, things have changed dramatically. Because of major changes in the rules set forth by the top search engine companies, you can no longer rise to the top of the rankings just by stuffing your site’s pages with keywords. Keywords still matter, but they must appear in the context of writing that actually provides site visitors with useful, logically coherent information. Unless your site contains this kind of relevant, actionable text, your chances of gaining access to your targeted online customer base drop significantly.

Appealing to Today’s Web-Savvy Consumers

There’s also another vitally important reason for creating informative, relevant web page content: Today’s consumers have developed a high degree of savvy when it comes to seeking services on the Internet. When choosing a provider for those services, they no longer settle for stock descriptions, or fall so easily for flashy presentations that focus on bells and whistles while skimping on the details. Instead, they want to know exactly why they should choose you instead of another service provider in your area. They don’t want to waste time, but they’re willing to spend the time needed to make smarter purchasing decisions.

So, what does this mean for you as a service-oriented business? It means that your website must focus on fulfilling your visitors’ expectations for text that informs and aids them in their decision-making process. It also means that you now have a compelling reason to demonstrate your expertise and explain to your prospective customers exactly why you’re a better choice for their hard-earned dollars than any of your rivals. Crucially, the shift toward information-rich web content also means that you now have the perfect opportunity to show new customers why you’ve earned your reputation as a trusted provider in your particular field of business.

However, you simply can’t achieve these critically important objectives unless you systematically improve the quality of the writing on your website. And to make this kind of dramatic improvement, you can’t rely solely on untrained staff members who don’t have extensive experience with the written word. Instead, you must call on professionals who have a demonstrated ability to compose clear text that simultaneously informs and persuades. This ability must apply to the generally accepted basics of well-conceived written communication. Importantly, it must also apply to the description of any technical, potentially hard-to-understand aspects of your company’s offerings.

The Precision Approach

At Precision Web Consulting, we specialize in creating website text that upholds the very highest standards for persuasive, information-rich content. Our multi-step process begins with detailed input from you that helps us understand your company history, your full range of services and your ideal customer. Next, we perform the additional background research our writers need to convincingly convey your high level of expertise to your site’s visitors. Finally, we use your input and our detailed research to create thoroughly customized text that puts you in the best possible light and sets you apart as a unique provider among all potential options.

While some web content creators produce pages that are scant on text, experience tells us that a longer page format works best for service-oriented businesses that must convince consumers to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time. For this reason, our typical page contains anywhere from 750 to 1,200 words. A page this length gives us the space needed to cover the topic at hand, but remains short enough to avoid exceeding readers’ time limits and taxing their patience.