Initial Consultation

No two websites are the same, and strategies that work well for the creation of one site may not work well at all in other circumstances. In addition, your service-oriented business will inevitably have needs and objectives that make it different from your competitors. This means that for web consultants, each client is unique and requires a customized approach in order to produce the best possible results. That’s why, at Precision, we begin with an initial consultation designed to outline the details of your project and establish clear communication from the very beginning.

During this consultation, we ask you a series of questions that give us an idea of your existing Internet presence and help us focus in on the type of assistance you need. Topics we cover include the specific goals you wish to accomplish with your site, the reasons why you feel you’re not currently meeting those goals, the size of your local market and the typical audience for the services you offer. We also ask you to provide us with a rough estimate of the time we’ll have available to complete work on your new or existing website, as well as an estimate of your budget for the project. In addition, as part of the consultation, we encourage you to ask any questions you have about the procedures we follow during and after the site creation process.

At the end of the initial consultation, we’ll have enough information to submit a formal written proposal that outlines the work needed to revamp your current website or create a new site from scratch. This proposal includes details of each phase of the project. It also includes an itemized breakdown of our fees, as well as other relevant financial considerations. Once you review and approve this document, we’ll establish a schedule that meets your deadline, then get to work.