Optimized Website Layout

Your website is one of the best ways of reaching local homeowners and businesses looking to hire someone for the services you provide. Ideally, it reinforces your position as a knowledgeable, trustworthy leader in your industry. However, unless it’s clear, informative and easy to use, your site can also frustrate your potential customers, or even raise doubts about your ability to perform quality work. In a worst-case scenario, your poorly thought-out Internet presence can drive your customers straight into the arms of your competitors. The professionals at Precision Web Consulting understand the critical importance of your website layout. That’s why we conduct a thorough, multistep optimization process that enhances every detail of your site’s current design and starts your new site off in the right direction from the very beginning.

Elements of Poor Website Design

Poorly designed websites do a number of things to discourage site visitors and turn potential customers into missed opportunities. One of the most common mistakes is a simple failure to provide basic information about your company and the services you provide. Another frequently found error is a layout that makes it difficult to navigate from page to page, or makes you click through a long series of pages before reaching your desired destination. Other mistakes that can hinder your prospective customers’ experience include text that’s too small to read easily, background images or colors that make it harder to view the text on a page, and inconsistent page formatting. In addition, some sites contain sounds or flashy animations that slow down page loading times and distract from the core company message.

Elements of Sound Website Design

A well-designed website has a crucial impact on your bottom line by inspiring confidence in site visitors and increasing the odds that these potential customers turn into actual customers who contact you to fulfill their needs. While they may differ significantly in their details, all soundly designed sites share certain common features. First and foremost, well-implemented websites present all relevant information in a clear, easy-to-understand format that minimizes any possibility of frustration. Properly designed sites also allow quick navigation between pages, maintain a consistent format throughout, load quickly and avoid distracting presentations while focusing on the value of the company’s offerings. All of these features are especially important for service-oriented businesses, which must credibly demonstrate their expertise and convince potential customers to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money.

The Precision Approach

At Precision Web Consulting, we know what it takes to create a website that conveys your targeted message to prospective customers in a clear, inviting format that meets modern standards for usability. In line with those standards, we rely on a detailed charting system to map the entire layout of your new or redesigned site. The chart we create serves two important purposes. First, it lets you as the company owner or manager gain a comprehensive overview of your website’s architecture. Crucially, it also acts as a guide for the development of a site that places an emphasis on the customer experience, attracts the eye and minimizes any potential for confusion.

We take several steps to make sure that your site appeals to visitors and efficiently guides them to the information they need to make their purchasing decisions. To begin with, we make sure that your site contains all of the pages needed to fully describe your company and its offerings, from your home page and About Us page to a dedicated page for each distinct type of service you provide. In addition, our approach to an optimized website layout includes a logical flow of page navigation that makes it more likely that your potential customers will find the information required to confirm your position as a superior provider in your area. In turn, this leads to an increased likelihood that they will trust your company and take the crucial action of contacting you for services. Critically, we also ensure that each element of your website — from graphics to content formatting — functions together seamlessly to produce a positive impression that helps make visitors receptive to your message.