Website Planning and Consulting Services

Most of our clients start with this suite of interconnected services. It includes:

Background research on your business, your customer base and your local competitors
A Website Creation Brief that gets everyone on the same page for the upcoming work
The development of a detailed strategy for improving your existing website or creating a new site
The submission of specific recommendations for optimizing your web presence
The creation of a map that outlines the proposed architecture of each page on your site

For a website of two to 10 pages. We typically charge a higher rate for larger sites.

$500 – $2,000

Sub-Page Content

The sub-pages of your website give you the opportunity to separately list each type of service you offer to your customers. They also give you the space you need to explain your services in detail and demonstrate your expertise in your field. We specialize in highly specific sub-pages that give your visitors the information they need to establish trust and make informed purchasing decisions.

$500 to $750 Per Page

SEO Copywriting

In some situations, you may have content on your site that you generally like, but fails to capture attention from search engines due to a lack of focus on the right keywords. We can re-write this content in a way that leaves the subject matter and tone intact, but seamlessly incorporates relevant, SEO-targeted keywords into the existing text.

$100 to $400 Per Page

Home Page Content

Your home page is the most important page on your website. It’s the first thing your visitors see, and therefore sets the tone for your site as a whole. This means that, even though it contains less text than your sub-pages, your home page must have maximum impact. We support this goal with concisely worded content that immediately identifies your business as a superior option for the services your visitors require.

$1,000 to $2,500

Blog Content

Many service-oriented businesses have turned to blog articles as a method of demonstrating their expertise and providing site visitors with informative content. Ideally, your blog will include regular updates of fresh material in order to solidify your reputation as a knowledge resource and establish an ongoing rapport with potential and current customers. If you’d like, we can create scheduled posts that cover specific topics you choose in advance. We can also take responsibility for topic choice, as well as article production.

$50 to $500 Per Post