Website Usability Analysis

Your business’s website is the digital equivalent of a brick-and-mortar store. Just like in a store with a physical location, you must pay attention to a host of little details in order to improve your customers’ shopping experience. If your efforts don’t meet a minimum standard for competent execution, you could easily lose out on sales and do damage to your company’s reputation and branding. On the Internet, this essential area of website creation is known as usability. At Precision Web Consulting, we provide a complete analysis of your site’s usability that will help you understand what retains your potential online customers and what drives them away.

Is Your Website Usable?

There’s a pretty good chance that your current website does not offer an optimized customer usability experience. That’s true largely because full optimization covers all aspects of your site’s function, and even professional web designers can overlook some of these aspects during the site creation process. A short list of the most critical factors for every website includes the layout of your home page, the amount of time it takes for your pages to load for each visitor, the structure and legibility of the text on each page, the maintenance of a consistent focus on your potential customers’ needs and the presentation of a message that quickly helps these customers understand why you present a superior option in comparison to your competitors. If you fail in these and other crucial areas, visitors will consciously or unconsciously pick up on your site’s deficiencies. In turn, this can lead them to quickly abandon your website and move on to other purchasing alternatives.

Performing a Usability Analysis

So, how do you determine if your current website is put together in a way that appeals to your potential customers and encourages them to rely on you as a service provider? After all, you can’t readily conduct a poll of all your site’s visitors. That’s especially true for those visitors who have an unpleasant experience and move on to another provider in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. With so many choices available to them, they simply have no incentive to give you feedback on your website’s deficiencies.

The most convenient, reliable answer to this conundrum is a website usability analysis. This type of analysis is specifically intended to give you a solid idea of the guiding principles of customer-focused websites, and help you determine whether or not your current site follows these principles. A thorough analysis covers each of three crucial areas: overall site design, all facets of graphic design, and every line of the site’s written content.

The Precision Approach

At Precision Web Consulting, we understand the critical importance of designing a customer-friendly website that enhances the user experience and does everything possible to eliminate visitor frustration, dissatisfaction and distrust. That’s why we use a comprehensive, 21-step process to analyze every aspect of your existing site’s customer usability. After completing this analysis, we provide you with a detailed report that clearly outlines your website’s positives and negatives. Crucially, we also explain exactly why certain aspects of your site increase customer confidence, while others increase the odds that customers will leave your site and move on to one of your competitors. We typically conduct our analysis as part of our larger suite of web consulting and planning services. On rare occasion, our clients ask for a standalone analysis. In either case, we make sure that you have a workable blueprint for bringing your website up to the highest standards for usability and customer confidence.