What We Do: The Precision Approach

You’ve worked hard for your reputation as a service-oriented business. In a crowded field of cut-rate competitors, you’ve committed yourself to excellence and provide your customers with a reliable source for top-quality products at an affordable price. Many people in your area know your name and call on you when it truly matters. Unfortunately, your Internet presence doesn’t accurately reflect your standing as an established and trustworthy business, or display the full scope of your expertise in your industry. This means that a significant number of local homeowners and companies may have no way of knowing that you excel in your field. It also means that you may needlessly lose customers who would surely prefer the level of service you offer.

At Precision Web Consulting, we understand that in today’s world, a first-rate web presence is crucial, even for local businesses that only operate within a relatively small geographic area. In fact, in the still-booming City of Houston, a well-designed, locally oriented website can reach literally millions of untapped potential customers. Some service-oriented businesses sell themselves short with a basic or poorly constructed website that doesn’t support their claims as a reputable company. In addition, some longstanding businesses with enviable reputations avoid the Internet altogether, and thereby miss the tremendous opportunities for customer base expansion provided by this now-standard medium of communication.

With our exclusive focus on local, well-established businesses, Precision is dedicated to helping you stand out from the crowd in Houston’s competitive and dynamic service-oriented industries. We do this by targeting four specific areas that have a major impact on successful web-based communication: a thorough analysis of the real-world website usability, optimization of site architecture and layout, creation of truly customized web page content and search engine optimization (SEO) procedures designed to increase all-important site rankings.

Website Usability Analysis

Usability is a key factor in whether or not you reach your intended customer base. A few simple mistakes can make your website harder to use, drive down traffic and make it more difficult to maintain your reputation. On the other hand, a few simple changes can vastly improve your prospective customers’ experience, boost your standing as a reliable business and — crucially — encourage interested site visitors to follow up by contacting you. At Precision Web Consulting, we specialize in a detailed website usability analysis that helps you eliminate mistakes and develop a deeply appealing web presence.

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Optimized Website Layout

Every detail of your website either reinforces or diminishes the customer experience and your standing as an industry leader. One of the key factors to consider is the physical layout of your site. While you might think that a flashy, graphics-heavy approach would work best in today’s overstimulated online world, studies repeatedly show that homeowners and businesses shopping for critical services just want a site that’s easy to navigate and gives them they information they need in a straightforward, inviting format. At Precision, we explain the ins and outs of optimized website layout and help you create a site that puts information front and center while inspiring customer confidence.

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Customized Web Page Content

Content is an essential and sometimes overlooked aspect of an enticing, well-designed website. In the past, it might have been sufficient to describe your business and its offerings in generic terms that didn’t reveal much about what you know or how you actually operate. However, today’s customers now expect service-oriented businesses to provide much more detailed information capable of supporting their purchasing decisions. Precision Web Consulting excels at creating customized web page content that focuses on your specific business model, verifies your expertise in your industry and generates lasting customer rapport.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can play a critical role in determining if your website is viewed by potential customers looking for service providers on Google, Bing and other search sites. However, current rules at these sites don’t favor keyword-heavy text that serves no other purpose than drawing the attention of automated web crawlers. Instead, they favor informative text that uses keywords organically in a context that makes sense for each page’s overall subject matter. At Precision, we incorporate sound SEO principles into all of our original, customized web page content. If you have existing pages that you don’t want to redo from the ground up, we can also use these principles to update your text and make it more suitable for today’s context-based standards.

Whether you want to overhaul an existing site or venture out on the web for the first time, Precision Web Consulting  has the expertise you need. With our help, you can increase your appeal to your targeted customer base, highlight your unique features as a service-oriented business and solidify your standing as a trusted provider throughout the greater Houston area. Contact us today and start experiencing the benefits of the Precision approach.

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